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Kawasaki Carbon Neutral Brand Project

In order to realize a decarbonized society by 2050. It is crucial to promote green innovation originating from Kawasaki city by taking full advantage of the city's strengths, based on the concentration of environmental technologies and industries.

Since the 2009 fiscal year, the city of Kawasaki has promoted and certified Kawasaki products, technologies, services (Hereinafter referred to as "products, technologies, etc.") that has contributed to CO2 reduction throughout their lifecycle under the "Low CO2 Kawasaki Brand".

From the 2023 fiscal year, we will continue our efforts to date, and through products, technologies, etc., advance the decarbonization efforts amongst citizens and businesses by utilizing the "Kawasaki Carbon Neutral Brand".

The Kawasaki Carbon Neutral Brand Promotion Council (Hereinafter referred as "the council") will certify quality products, technologies, etc. under the "Kawasaki Carbon Neutral Brand", while also selecting excellent products, technologies, etc. under the "Kawasaki Carbon Neutral Brand Awards".

Logo Mark
Kawasaki Carbon Neutral Brand logo mark


  • We aim to prevent global warming by evaluating and widely disseminating Kawasaki products and technologies that contribute to CO2 reduction throughout their lifecycle.
  • By spreading the concept of CO2 reduction throughout the life cycle, we aim to improve the environmental awareness and skills of the entire city of Kawasaki.
  • We will promote the creation of a system in which businesses that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale are appropriately evaluated in the market.
  • By spreading CO2 reduction efforts through certified products and technologies to citizens and businesses, we will promote the decarbonization of the city as a whole and contribute to decarbonization outside the city limits.(New)

Features of the Kawasaki Carbon Neutral Brand

  • Products, technologies, and services researched, developed, or manufactured in Kawasaki city are eligible.
  • Evaluate weather the product/technology reduces CO2 emissions throughout its life cycle.
  • Calculate actual CO2 emission reductions throughout the entire life cycle of the product/technology, etc.
  • Scope includes contributions to global warming prevention throughout the entire life cycle of products and technologies, including reduction of CO2 emissions during raw material procurement and product use, and during the development of CO2 reduction technologies, etc.

Certification Standards

  • Improvement of life-cycle eco-efficiency.
  • Ripple effects on society, including citizens and businesses.
  • Decarbonization efforts during the manufacturing, servicing, etc. phases of the product.

In addition to the certification criteria, products and technologies that have a strong connection with Kawasaki City and are distinctive to Kawasaki, along with initiatives that are considered unique and innovative. contributes to local and international communities. Carbon Neutrality and resource recycling efforts, may be selected as part of the "Kawasaki Carbon Neutral Brand Awards".

Once cecertified as a Kaasaki Carbon Neutral Brand・・・

  • Announcement of certification results (presentation of certificates and Plaques) and exhibition opportunities at the Kawasaki Eco Tech Fair.
  • Promoted on websites, pamphlets and more.
  • Permission to use the Kawasaki Carbon Neutral Brand logo.
  • Preferential treatment under the "Eco-friendly Business Support Program for Businesses in the City".
  • Publication of certification results in the City's Global Warming Countermeasure Plans and Reports.

Harmonization with the Kawasaki Mechanism Certification System

The Kawasaki Mechanism Certification System certifies the "amount of contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions outside the city (amount of contribution outside the city)" considering the life cycle, and evaluates it together with the direct greenhouse gas emissions of the business concerned. Working in tandem with this system, we intend to promote global waming countermeasures that take advantage of Kawasaki's features and strengths. We encourage you to actively apply for Kawasaki Mechanism Certification, which provides additional benefits such as "visualization" of CO2 reductions over the lifecycle of products, technologies, and services, reflection in the business activity global warming action plan and report system based on city ordinances, and use of the Kawasaki Mechanism logo.

For information regarding Kawasaki Mechanism Certification System registration and more, check here.

Kawasaki Carbon Neutral Brand Certification Results

Low CO2 Kawasaki Brand Certification Results